Steve Geiogamah, Treasurer (Kiowa) – Tourism Development Manager, City of Scottsdale

Steve Geiogamah is a career business development manager working with local municipalities and Native American communities. Mr. Geiogamah manages the implementation of the City of Scottsdale’s tourism program, a comprehensive program that integrates destination marketing, event support, research and tourism related capital projects intended to maximize the return on tax investment.
Mr. Geiogamah is a past President for the Phoenix Indian Center Board of Directors and member of the Heard Museum Program Committee. He has also served as a Board Member for the Greater Phoenix Multi-Cultural and Arts Foundation, Arizona Tourism Alliance, and as a member of the Tribal Advisory Committee for the Arizona Office of Tourism.
Mr. Geiogamah received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics from Northern Arizona University and has a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

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